Gusano Go

Snappy arcade game about a very long worm. Head underground and collect all of the eggs to proceed. Made for #stopwaitingforgodot game jam September 2021.

WASD or Arrow Keys or Left Stick to MOVE. Space or Enter or Joystick Buttons to RETRACT. Eat enemies, but don't let them bite your body.

Created using Godot Engine, MRMOTEXT by Mrmo, Sweetie 16 Palette by GrafxKid and Truffle Shuffle font by Damieng.  Thanks to GDQuest for the tutorials.

Game inspired by Anteater and Oil's Well. Visuals inspired by Mrmo Tarius.

Godot Engine License: Portions of this software are copyright © The FreeType Project ( All rights reserved.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
Made withGodot
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Arcade, Controller, Godot, High Score, maze, mrmotext, Retro, textmode
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Joystick, Gamepad (any)


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Sencillo pero un muy buen juego que recuerda a los clasicos de NES

Matt, just stumbled upon this and it’s awesome! Played to about level 6 and 5500 pts before I figured I had it down. Found this via the mrmo tiles that I was looking at myself.

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Hah, thanks George :D

I wanted to push the gameplay further than I got, but learning Godot engine turned out to be challenge enough for the weekend.

I hadn't played around with Textmode art before, but I was really happy with the results. I was able to start with a basic text layout before spending a few hours adding details to the screen.

I did all the art in Exported from there then wrote a quick importer.

Realy nice game
you should animate something at the start so it have that "play me" feeling
I say that cause at first I thought it was the upper banner haha


This is really fun! Nice work!

I didn't get to experiment with the core gameplay as much as I wanted. But I learnt a lot in the time I had :)

great game, a fantastic nod back to the arcade era, well-done sir.

wow fun

Great, fun game!

Cool game, really like the controls, art and sound

1.5k man is it tough! The controls work so well.

Great game! It makes me think of a kind of mix between pac man with the movement and snake with the characters! Perfect mix for me!


Cool game, the controls are smooth :)

Far too much of the code base was devoted to control logic. :) Glad you enjoyed it.

This game is super well done, congratulation

This is really cute and fun, super well done. 

Okay im hooked to this, it is super fun

Whoa cool style! I still have the #2 score on Anteater on an arcade high score site. Ha ha! I love that game! You did a great job recreating it.

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Thanks! I’d never actually played Anteater until this week :) I stumbled across it and Oil’s Well on YouTube.

This is awesome! Everything from the sounds, to the artwork, to the controls is really well done! Great job!

really fun! Its cool when there's a jam game that has a really unique idea thats well implemented. So many ways you could expand on this game in the future.

I have a little list of expansion ideas, I just ran out of time getting it this far.


This is very nice! Great use of the charset :D


thanks for making it! Hopefully more games get made with it.

Amazing! Great sound and music too


oh this game is kinda difficult - but it's so fun! i love the colors and art and the concept. good job, wow

Very cool. I love the art!

Very enjoyable game, well done =)

A very interesting and fun idea! I liked playing this game! Nice job! :)